ysl niki

The chain shoulder strap of the YSL Niki bag is made of brushed metal. It is adjustable, making it suitable for both women and men. Depending on your personal preferences, you can wear it long on the shoulder or crossbody. It is also very versatile as it can be folded into a smaller handbag if you want to keep the chain short. The chain is reinforced with leather and is comfortable to carry on your shoulder.

YSL niki leather is smooth

The YSL Niki bag in vintage leather is available in three sizes, each of them crafted from 100% calfskin leather. It is glossy when new, but will wear off to a matte finish with time. Despite its glossy finish, it is also scratch-resistant and durable. The smallest size is the YSL Niki Baby, measuring 8.2 x 6.2 x 2.9 inches, or 20.8 x 15.7 x 7.4 cm.

The Niki bag is lightweight but sturdy. Its leather straps can be adjusted to make it easy to wear it on your shoulder. The leather is smooth and supple, and the brushed gunmetal chain adds subtle weight. You can also convert the straps to make the Niki crossbody. And because it is convertible, it can be worn crossbody or shoulder. For an everyday bag, the Niki is the perfect size.

YSL niki stitching is asymmetrical and sloppy

The YSL niki is a classic leather handbag that’s made from 100% calfskin or lambskin leather. The leather has a glossy, crinkly finish, but it will soon become matte. Authentic bags never have double stitching, but fakes always have a double stitching pattern. The outside line of a genuine YSL niki bag should align with the diagonal line on the inside. A replica of a genuine Saint Laurent bag will have the same stitching pattern, but the YSL label will not be as smudged.

Another problem with the YSL niki bag is the asymmetrical, sloppy stitching. The Y is thicker on the left side than the right, so the left side is a little wider than the right side. The slope starts wider on top and narrows as it hits the horizontal leg. The YSL logo features mock nail heads on its outlying corners, but these aren’t functional.

YSL niki bag has a chain shoulder strap

The YSL Niki bag has a chain shoulder strap that is adjustable and brushed metal in color. The chain can be worn in two different ways: long as a crossbody bag or as a shoulder bag folded down. The chain is reinforced with leather, so it’s comfortable to carry. The large main compartment has two slip pockets and is large enough to fit most essential items. The leather is soft and crinkled for a comfortable feel, but it won’t break easily.

The Niki shoulder bag is available in metallic silver leather or in crinkled deep red. This bag is both stylish and functional. It’s easy to carry and can be worn as a crossbody bag. The chain shoulder strap allows the bag to be worn on one shoulder, allowing it to be carried by multiple hands at once. It is available in multiple sizes, which makes it a versatile bag.

YSL niki bag has a magnetised snap fastening

The YSL Niki bag has a chain shoulder strap that stretches across your body and is adjustable. The brushed gunmetal chain is attached to an adjustable leather strap that rests comfortably on your shoulders. The leather strap can be worn crossbody or folded up to be used as a shorter handbag. The chain is reinforced with leather so that it is comfortable to carry on your shoulder.

This shoulder bag is crafted from lambskin and features the YSL initials in leather on the flap. The Niki features one main compartment with a zippered pocket, one open pocket at the back, and a magnetised snap button closure. It has an adjustable chain shoulder strap with an internal slip pocket and a zip pocket. It has a zipped pocket and a leather strap that can be used as a crossbody bag or as a shoulder bag.

YSL niki bag is made in Italy

The YSL ‘Niki’ bag is crafted in Italy from crinkled glossy leather. It features the iconic chevron stitching and tonal YSL logo plaque. The shoulder straps are made of leather, and are adjustable. The oversized YSL logo plaque is located on the front of the bag. A leather-lined interior makes for easy organization.

The interior and exterior stitching on a genuine YSL niki bag are incredibly durable and scratch-resistant. Authentic YSL bags will have thick, regular stitching, and the outside line should align with the diagonal line on the inside. Authentic YSL bags have soft suede lining and the YSL logo is never smudged. The zippers will also have the signature bend and crimp near the base.

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