ysl college bag

YSL College and Loulou are both classic designs from the brand. If you’re in the market for a new handbag, you may be wondering how to distinguish the two. Read on for some tips. This article will compare the two styles and how to identify a fake. In addition, we’ll discuss the authenticity of your YSL bag. There are several ways to determine whether a YSL bag is authentic, including checking the serial number of the bag.

YSL Loulou

The YSL Loulou college bag is a stylish accessory for any springtime outfit. It’s named after the iconic woman muse of Yves Saint Laurent, LouLou de la Falaise. The soft boxy shape of the bag is complemented by chain straps and a YSL monogram on the front. For a seasonal twist, try it in a rich jewel tone or velvet texture.

The YSL Loulou college bag can be found at many consignment shops for a fraction of the price of a comparable Louis Vuitton bag. A great benefit of this new addition to the YSL line is that it is easier to find at an affordable price. Its back pocket allows you to keep your notebook and other important documents safe and secure while on the go. Its size makes it a great option for college students who need a more roomy bag.

YSL College

The YSL College bag is a posh, yet affordable way to add a bit of sparkle to your ensemble. It features a chain strap and leather shoulder pad with a zipped main compartment. You can wear the College bag crossbody, or carry it from the top handle. This bag is designed with a lot of organizational features, including a central zipper compartment and two open compartments. It also features a magnetic snap closure and can hold a variety of items.

The College bag is part of the Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2015 collection and features chevron quilting and the YSL logo on the flap. This bag is made of lambskin leather and metal hardware. He is a staple piece for every Saint Laurent closet. It is a classic design that will never go out of style. It is also one of the most affordable ways to own a bag from the French fashion house.

YSL Loulou vs YSL College

If you’re considering purchasing a new handbag for work or school, you might be wondering if the YSL Loulou or YSL College bag is right for you. These two styles have a similar look, but their main differences are their materials and size. Both bags feature a metal or leather top handle, which means you can carry them cross-body or in your hand. The College features two separate compartments and a zippered pocket in the center. The leather strap spanning the flap includes the YSL initials.

Although the YSL College bag is newer in the YSL family, the Loulou still has a lot of advantages over its smaller cousin. It is less expensive, has more pockets, and is suitable for everyday use. Moreover, the College is available at several consignment stores and is easy to find. However, if you’re on a budget, you’d be better off purchasing the Loulou.

Authenticity of YSL bags

The first step in determining the authenticity of your YSL college bag is to look for a serial number tag. This tag is typically affixed to the lining. The serial number tag is not sewn into a stitch and is often made of natural leather. The lining will also have the word “Made in Italy” embossed in it. The tag will also be stamped with a date code, which is the month and year of production.

Another way to spot a fake flap is the shape. A counterfeit flap will have a sharp, crinkly shape while the authentic will be a square. Check to see if the YSL logo is evenly sized and connected. Authentic YSL bags will have a fuller logo and less flat areas where the letters connect, resulting in a more finished appearance. Make sure the font and label are identical.

Authenticity of fake YSL bags

One of the first ways to identify a fake YSL College bag is by comparing the shape of the bag with a genuine one. The authentic one is square-shaped while a fake is a rectangle-like bag with a larger width and shorter height. If you have seen a real YSL College bag in the shop, you will notice its smooth leather and full-on original look. By comparison, the fake one will have flat patches, which will give it an unfinished look.

Another way to tell if a YSL bag is fake is by checking its serial number. The original YSL bag has a serial number embossed on the inside of the bag. The serial number is usually inscribed in a white font. If you notice that the font on the YSL bag is not the same as the one on the original, then you probably have a fake.

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