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If you are looking for a wireless tattoo gun, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to review four of the most popular wireless tattoo guns on the market. We will talk about the Inkjeta, CNC X-WE, Cheyenne Hawk Sol Nova Unlimited, and the Solong Tattoo Gun. The Solong Tattoo Gun has mixed-pack needled cartridges for fast and easy needle changes. This gun uses a 1500mAH DC battery and weighs around 50 grams.


The Flite X1 wireless tattoo machine is the next generation of the renowned InkJecta brand, featuring a single button output control and digitally adjustable needle depth. It is a portable tattoo machine with a battery life of up to eight hours. The InkJecta Flite X1 is powered by 4.5 to 16.5 volts DC. Its intuitive on-board controls and battery life indicator allow it to be operated with ease.

The Flite X1 is compatible with all major tattoo cartridge brands, making it a highly portable option. To increase the comfort level of the tattoo artist, InkJecta designed ergonomic grips for its machine. Its grips are fully autoclavable and available in a range of materials, sizes and colours. You can even choose which one best suits your style and personal requirements. This inkjeta wireless tattoo gun is a fantastic option for artists of all levels and experience.


With the Flite X1 Wireless Tattoo Machine, InkJecta has made their best product yet. The ergonomically-designed gun and its two interchangeable grips are fully autoclavable and compatible with most cartridge brands. The wireless tattoo machine features two give options and comes in various sizes, colours, and materials. For optimal performance, it is recommended to use a sterile environment and sterilize it immediately after use.


CNC X-WE is a 100% wireless tattoo pen. It inherits the durability and stability of CNC Q series. It also breaks down the boundaries of space and power. The CNC WE uses a modular design, featuring 3 independent modules, each with their own function and charging capabilities. It has a battery with 900mAh capacity, which is highly efficient for long-term usage. Moreover, it has a rotatable grip, allowing you to adjust the depth of the needle without taking it off.

The CNC X-WE features a German Faulhaber Motor. It runs on a 5.5V-to-9.5V voltage range, which ensures reliable operation. However, you should not operate the machine at higher voltages as this can result in mechanical wear and overheating. It is also very quiet. The only downside is the thin clip-cord that comes with it. But, it’s not that expensive so it’s worth the risk.

Cheyenne Hawk Sol Nova Unlimited

The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited wireless tattoo gun is an all-in-one power unit that is integrated with the SOL na Pen. The SOL na Pen is easy to use with its rechargeable battery. The SOL na pen is easy to use with its one-button operation and tilt machine. Moreover, the entire power unit is user-friendly and includes a fast charging time of three hours.

The Sol Nova Unlimited 4.0 features a 1 button operation. It has a battery life of at least five hours. Two batteries and a power cable are included in the package. The batteries provide up to 10 hours of tattooing. The SOL na 4.0 comes with two batteries. The batteries are interchangeable and are easily interchangeable. Its long battery life allows it to work for a long time.

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