One Punch Man Season 2

For those who have not yet seen One Punch Man Season 2, it is a must-see! This anime follows the adventures of Saitama, Gouketsu, Orochi, Gyoro, and more! If you enjoyed the first season, here are five tips that will help you enjoy Season 2 even more! Listed below are some helpful tips to help you become a fan of the anime series. Once you start watching One Punch Man Season 2 you will have an entirely new appreciation for the original series!


In this second season of the One Punch Man anime series, Saitama is a new hero. He joins the ranks of a long-standing club of fighters and is a member of the Saitama clan. This new season follows the events of the previous seasons, and is animated by J.C. Staff. Chikara Sakurai returns as the director and Yoshikazu Iwanami takes the reins as the sound director.

This new season also introduces the Psychic Sisters, Fubuki and Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki is the elder sister of Saitama. Both sisters are members of the Blizzard Group, a faction of professional heroes. They are known as the Psychic Sisters. The series has some fantastic combat scenes, and the cast of heroes and villains is constantly changing. In this season, Saitama will have to learn about the mysterious organization and its intentions.

Saitama, on the other hand, is a hero who became a hero for fun. He trained hard for three years, lost his hair, and was eventually able to beat any enemy with a single punch. His ego is getting the best of him, and he feels that he is giving up something important in order to gain such immense power. He isn’t sure whether he should go for it, but it’s definitely worth it for the sake of the show.


One Punch Man fans can enjoy Gouketsu as a monster focus unit. Gouketsu is best pulled when Gyoro is tentative or when ZBM is making a comeback. Gouketsu will deal 180% AOE damage and heal 20% of his damage when it is not critical. He also has a 20% self-healing Rate. The monster has many uses in the series.

In the anime, Gouketsu was originally a muscular human with black hair and a scar on his upper lip. After his monsterization, he developed sharp teeth and spikes all over his body. His eyes had been sealed during his transformation, but he has a large X-shaped scar on his chin. This scar will appear again later on in the series. One Punch Man fans should be careful not to mix Gouketsu with other monsters in the series, as his appearance can change drastically.

The redesigned Gouketsu possesses a number of strengths that make him a formidable opponent. He has the speed to block Bakuzan’s swings with just one arm. It also one-shots Genos and Suiryu before they had time to react. She can also watch Choze and Suiryu fight without letting his emotions get in the way.


Orochi is a monster who is a part of the Human Monster Saga. He has superhuman strength, shapeshifting abilities, and pyrokinesis. His powers have been used to destroy human lives and create monster cells. He has also shown the ability to shoot lightning from any limb, and extend his limbs to slash opponents. Orochi is also a formidable martial artist, having mastered the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist.

Before being transformed into his monstrous form, Orochi resembles a giant monster with multiple horns on his head and an absurd number of sharp teeth. He normally wears a cloak, which resembles a snake. He has serpent-like arms and shoulders, which help him shapeshift efficiently. During combat, Orochi often transforms into a Phoenix. While he is normally a monstrous monster, he often wears a large cape that covers his body.

The two forms are both based on the same concept: Psykos. The first form is humanoid, which makes it difficult to imagine a powerful monster with only one form. But as a powerful villain, Orochi’s Psykos form is powerful enough to defeat most heroes. While this is the most basic form of Orochi, it is also the one that carries the most weight and is the most terrifying.


In One Punch Man Season 2, Gyoro is the right hand of King Orochi, an eight-armed, giant-eyed flesh monster. Despite being a flesh puppet, Gyoro is surprisingly intelligent. He is also at the delivery and death of every monster, including the powerful extra-terrestrial being Lord Boros. Here, he discovers that he has a special weapon: the Eye of the Dragon.

Saitama’s over-the-top strength

In the anime, Saitama’s strength is over the top. Compared to other superhuman combatants, he might have to use more than one punch to defeat his opponents. In reality, Saitama’s power is comparable to those of other super characters, who have abilities that are beyond human comprehension. This makes Saitama an overpowered character, but some anime fans say he will always overcome these odds.

While Saitama is prone to using blunt objects, he also occasionally takes them head-on, destroying them. In one episode, he destroyed Speed-o’-Sound Sonic’s sword, but was still able to survive an attack from Nyan’s super-powered claw scratch. Saitama’s strength is such that it can cause buildings to fall on him, but it has no effect on his head.

Although Saitama’s over-the top strength makes him an overpowered character, the series never feels stale. The over-the-top strength also allows him to face interesting foes, make allies, and eventually join the Hero Association. His weakness in the written examination and physical exam is another interesting subplot that develops throughout the season. In One Punch Man Season 2, Saitama becomes more powerful, more mature, and more capable than his previous appearances.

In Season 2, Genos, the villain of the season, tries to tail Saitama, hoping to discover the secrets behind his super-human strength. However, Genos is mistaken for a stalker after he tries to steal a french fry from Saitama. Genos then tries to steal the french fry, which Saitama eats, and later knocks out the Men’s Esthetician Man.

The Hero Association

Saitama and his friends attempt to become heroes in a video game but fail. Saitama decides to become a hero, but he has trouble passing the test. King and his friends have several enemies who attack the heroes. The Heroes Association tries to find out who is behind all these attacks, but Saitama fails and ends up in class C. The Hero Association also tries to find out who is behind the attacks, and Saitama learns that his friends are under surveillance.

The Hero Association is the organization that manages the heroes. It was founded by a multi-millionaire named Agoni, and it uses a hierarchical class system. There are four classes, and each class has an individually numbered rank. A member of the Hero Association must pass the tests and take tests to advance. Heroes must be vigilant to avoid being caught by monsters or other Heroes. The Hero Association Staff is the primary source of information for the public, and they are responsible for public alerts.

Saitama defeats most monsters in this episode. He is almost defeated by the Demon-level Awakened Cockroach, but is finally stopped by the Mysterious Being. Meanwhile, the remaining Hero Association members are trying to rescue the captured heroes. They manage to rescue Pineapple and Mohican, and Saitama learns that Waganma and Narinki were captured. During the battle, Saitama and his friends discover the identity of the captured heroes. They fight Do-S’s henchmen, who brainwash Fubuki and his friends. The Heroes also manage to repel Do-S’s henchmen, and he successfully defeats the Tank Top Vegetarian and defeats him.

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