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Daybreak was a critically acclaimed sci-fi series that was cancelled after season one. The show revolved around a group of young survivors, which included 10-year-old pyromaniac Angelica, former high-school bully Wesley, and pacifist wannabe samurai Josh. The survivors struggle to survive mad Max-style gangs and the Ghoulies, which resemble zombie-like creatures. In addition, the series also featured a mercenary named Baron Triumph, who leads a team of mercenaries, gang members, and other survivors.

Episode 2

Watch Daybreak episode 2 online for free! The second season of the popular TV series is already well underway, so get ready for a new season of exciting adventures! It’s not too late to catch up with all the great episodes, too! Watch Daybreak episode 2 online and discover the best new characters and plot twists! You won’t want to miss a single episode of this hit series! So what’s so great about Daybreak?

Character development

The season 2 of Daybreak would have continued the storylines of the original show but focus on new characters. The ascension of Sam to the throne in the finale had an unsettling ring. The new Sam would not be a kind and just ruler, and Josh would need to develop as a character even faster than his initial arc. That would mean that the show could continue to tell new stories about a new world in which all humans must work together.

The Daybreak comics became very popular and the series was adapted from them. While the TV show was not nearly as successful as the comic, it was a big hit with its fans. The creators of Daybreak realized that the comics were similar to the popular Ferris Buller’s Day Out movie. Netflix approved the show in 2018, and production company ASAP entertainment developed the series. It has a large fan base and is a must-watch for fans of zombie shows.

Although Daybreak received mixed reviews and a fair amount of viewership, its success led to a number of cancellation rumors. Some speculate that the reason the show was cancelled is a lack of viewership, while others believe it was due to Netflix refocusing its resources on other shows. Either way, the show was great and deserves a second season. Stay tuned to see if this happens. So far, there are no rumors that Daybreak season 2 will be cancelled, but fans of the original series should remain hopeful.

The series is rated TV-MA

The series is rated TV-MA, so viewers should feel free to talk about sensitivity concerns before watching. Many fans are concerned about the sensitivity of Daybreak, but it’s not the only show to address sensitive issues. For instance, one episode dealt with the consequences of a nuclear explosion in a world where nuclear weapons and biotoxins have been released. The episode ends with Sam sitting on Turbo’s throne.

A Daybreak season two would have followed Sam’s ascent to the throne. The storyline would have continued to revolve around the new societal dynamics following Sam’s ascendancy to the throne. However, the ascension of Sam seemed sinister – a future world under his rule would not be kind. So, what would have happened if Daybreak had continued? We’ll never know, but it’s a fun show for fans of teen dramas.


The first season of Daybreak ended with a cliffhanger and we were all left wondering what was to come next. Season 2 will finally answer those questions. The show is an American comedy-drama based on the Brian Ralph comic book series. While the comic book series is great, Daybreak is much darker. Fans will be able to get a better understanding of the characters, the world, and their motives if Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off.

Fans of the original Daybreak series were shocked when Netflix cancelled it. Its first season was incredibly addictive and fans were left waiting for its return. The show’s cliffhanger left fans hanging, generating memes and fan theories. Even a few fans created a Daybreak Season 2 trailer! Hopefully, this will be the start of a new era for Daybreak. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the ending of Season 1!

While it’s understandable that fans would be disappointed with the Daybreak season 1 finale, the cliffhanger ended the romance between Josh and Sam. Fans were eagerly awaiting season 2 to find out how Sam and Josh’s feud with each other would play out. This season, the series will focus on the rivalry between the two former’ships. And with the cliffhanger, fans can expect more great things from Daybreak.

The final cast of Daybreak season 2 is unknown, but it’s expected to include many returning faces, including Gabriel Armijo as Jaden Unger, Austin Maas as Bro Jock, and Zoe Biggers as Sam. Similarly, the cast of Daybreak season 2 includes numerous supporting actors, including Alyvia Lind, Sophie Simnett, and Andrew Fox as Slowen. These actors are all familiar faces and will return for Season 2 as they did in Season 1.

The second season to find out

Fans will have to wait until the second season to find out how Sam will get over being homecoming queen. Until then, fans have been left wondering how Sam can reconcile her new position with her new role as a leader. The season two finale will undoubtedly leave fans confused and speculating. There are plenty of unanswered questions and plot twists in the final episode. But one thing is certain: Daybreak is back, and fans will be excited for season three.


The cast of Daybreak season two features a number of familiar faces. Colin Ford is back as the goofy genius Josh Wheeler, while Matthew Broderick is a new character named Michael Francis. The cast also includes characters from the TV shows Hawaii 5-0 and The Middle. Joe, who plays the father of Turbo, is no stranger to television, having starred in shows such as One Tree Hill and True Blood. As for the Daybreakers, Jade Townsend is a returning actor, while Charlotte Benesch will play the role of Demi Anderson. In addition to these main characters, the cast also includes a number of supporting actors.

If the first season had a sequel, the focus would likely have been on the new communal dynamics created by Sam’s ascension to the throne. Sam’s ascension to the throne in the finale had a sinister ring, and the rules he created would not have been kind and just. The season’s focus would have also shifted to Josh’s character, as he’d have to learn quickly to survive in the world after the apocalypse.

After a season of high-quality entertainment, Daybreak is finally getting a second chance to shine. Netflix has cancelled numerous television shows in recent years, and Daybreak was no exception. Its cancellation came one month after the Haunted series premiered, a shocking decision that will disappoint many fans. Despite its low-quality status, the show still has potential. The cast of Daybreak season 2 includes familiar faces, as well as newcomers, who will bring fresh twists to the series.

The series is ending

The series is ending with Josh and the Ghoulies at the bomb site. Josh eventually defeats Burr, but Ms. Crumble sacrifices herself in order to save Josh. Josh and Angelica’s fate hangs in the balance. The climax of the season is Josh vs. Burr. And if Josh does not kill Burr, the series will end with him killing everyone else. Wesley ends up killing Burr by poisoning the crown.

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