This VipLikeGoMall REVIEW will tell you why you should stay away from this online shopping site. While the website’s name is slightly different from its domain name, you will still notice that it uses this name on its policy pages. That’s a red flag, because this website is clearly a scam. Then again, why would anyone want to shop with it? After all, it’s impossible to buy something without knowing where to find it.

Website name is different from its domain name

If you have ever visited a web store, you may have noticed that its domain name and website name are different. Legitimate websites would not have put their website name differently from its domain name. The reason behind this is that some people mistakenly believe that this is the case. However, it is not true. Most legit websites put their website name exactly the same as their domain name. In fact, their policy pages mention the domain names of other websites, such as Haru-oneday and Joy-lovely. In fact, it’s Bedum that has the same name as its domain name, but the domain is different from the latter.

Website name is mentioned on policy pages instead of its domain name

You’ve probably noticed that the name of a VIPLIKEGOMALL website differs from its domain name. Usually, legit websites don’t put their website names differently from their domain names, but this website has done it! On their policy pages, it mentions the domain names of other websites, including,, and As a result, it’s impossible to make an informed decision regarding whether to use a website or not VIPLIKEGOMALL REVIEW.

Website is a scam

To determine whether a website is legit or a scam, first, check out the domain name and the name of the website. The domain name of VIPLIKEGOMALL is not the same as the website name. Legitimate sites don’t put their website name in a different way from their domain name. If you visit their website, you will notice the name of the website is mentioned on the policy pages instead of the domain name. On these pages, you will see the names of other websites – Joy-lovely-shop, and Haru-oneday shop. Instead of the name of their website, you will find their domain names, including and

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