Violet Evergarden Season 1

“Violet Evergarden” is an anime television show that debuted in 2018. The show was produced by Kyoto Animation and is based on the light novels by Kana Akatsuki. The series was dubbed into English by SDI Media and released in the United States on Netflix in 2019. While Violet Evergarden Season 1¬†ended with many questions left unanswered, this season is a great introduction to the world of the titular fairy princess.

The anime series starts off with a montage of scenes involving the characters. In a slow, methodical fashion, each scene is used wisely. There is little filler content, and the audience gradually gets to know the characters and understand their emotions. As the series progresses, it also becomes more emotional. If you enjoy animated series, Violet Evergarden season 1 will be a perfect fit for you. While it may not be the most exciting show to watch, this show will keep you entertained and excited.

The story is uneven, but the characters are all very well developed. The world-building and characters are wonderful, and the anime was well animated. Since it’s produced by Kyoto Animation, it’s likely that fans of this studio will be satisfied. If you love dramedies, this will be a great watch. And if you’re an anime fan, it won’t disappoint. While you’ll need to watch the episodes in order, this series is worth the time.

The Plot of Violet Evergarden Season 1

The plot of Violet Evergarden season 1 is an interesting one, involving a group of young people in an artificial world. They must find a way to get to the world they are interested in, and the series takes a very unique approach. Although the show is centered around a fictional environment, the main characters are real and it isn’t always easy to tell what’s real from what’s not. The anime is based on the life of a high-school student who tries to make it in the world.

Plot of Violet Evergarden Season 1

The first season of the anime aired in January of 2018. The plot centers on a humanoid who has been created with the sole purpose of performing flawlessly as a weapon of war. She is blonde with long hair and appears to be no older than fourteen years old. However, the story is more about her journey to achieve this goal. This series is a unique and enjoyable experience. It will make you want to watch it over again.

While Violet Evergarden Season 1 had a very strong premise, the plot of the second season continues the themes from the first season. It is structured and repetitive in nature, representing post-traumatic stress disorder, and the typewriter is used as a weapon. Despite the fact that the anime has a complex plot, it softens the stance taken by many individuals who experience this disorder. The story’s first episode explains how Violet ends up in the situation, and the second episode explains her motivations for wanting to become an Auto Memory Doll.

Characters of Violet Evergarden Season 1

The first season of the animated series has plenty of surprises and charm. From the auto memory doll, the main character of the series, to the mysterious ‘Little People’, Violet has a lot to live up to. She encounters many new things, while also becoming more mature. Her life evolves from being an impersonal war machine to an emotionally intelligent and empathetic doll.


The story of the series is told through short vignettes, and each one builds on the previous one. The narrator introduces a new character, and each vignette is a rich, intricate story. Kyoto Animation’s style is unsurpassed when it comes to giving each character its own unique look and feel. Each character has a distinctive silhouette and micro expressions that convey nuanced emotion. A few details stand out from the rest of the cast: the click of heels, a clenched hand, or the flick of an eye. Even the silences are often painfully obvious, but in the end, each episode is rich and rewarding.

The first season of the animated show follows the lives of the characters in an episodic setting. The story revolves around the fate of the young girl Violet Evergarden, who is drafted into a war when she is still a child. She loses her arms and a childhood friend, but finds herself in a difficult position as she rebuilds her life. She decides to take up a job at a post office, writing letters for those who cannot write. However, she soon becomes intrigued by the Auto Memory Dolls and wants to become one of them.

Release and Episode of Violet Evergarden Season 1

Anime News Network reports that the first episode of the Violet Evergarden season 1 has released on October 13, 2018. This is about 2.5 years after the last season’s premiere. Kyoto Animation has confirmed that the next season of the series will be released either in 2021 or 2022. As of October 2017, the release date for the first season was not available, but the anime’s website is still up to date, with the most recent episode having aired on October 23, 2017.

The Great War has come to a close, with the final battle of the war ending on July 4, 2018. The last episode of the first season reveals that the protagonist, Violet Evergarden, was injured during the final leg of the war and was left with the words of her loved one. Because of her injuries, Violet has no understanding of what these words mean. After recovering from her wounds, Violet starts a new life at CH Postal Services, where she works as a writer. She observes the work of the Auto Memory Doll, which transcribes people’s emotions into written words.

After the Violet Evergarden season 1, many fans are begging for a second season to be released. The anime’s English title is Violet Evergarden, but the Japanese title is Covid-19. The anime’s first season will be available on Netflix in October 2021. The anime series was a huge hit in 2018, but the next installment has yet to be announced. However, the anime’s production has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Episode list

Episode list of Violet Evergarden Season 1

Episode 1 I Love You” and Auto Memory Dolls
Episode 2 Never Coming Back
Episode 3  May You Be an Exemplary Auto Memory Doll
Episode 4 You Won’t be a Tool but a Person Worthy of that Name
Episode 5 You Write Letters that Bring People Together?
Episode 6 Somewhere, Under a Starry Sky
Episode 7 “No Title”
Episode 8 “No Title”
Episode 9 Violet Evergarden
Episode 10 A Loved One Will Always Watch Over You
Episode 11 I Don’t Want Anybody Else to Die!
Episode 12 “No Title”
Episode 13 Auto Memory Doll and “I Love You”
Episode OVA Surely, Someday, You Will Understand Love

Violet Evergarden Season 1 Reviews

While many anime series are concerned with plot and pacing, Violet Evergarden season 1 takes a more thoughtful approach. The show weaves in character development, which is really good job by creators. In under 20 minutes, each episode presents a different character with an intricate backstory and unique reasons for their actions. The characterization of each character is rich and the endings are often heartbreaking. The characters come together at critical moments in their lives and learn from one another.


The series is also highly visual. The animation is crisp and colorful, and the characters are likable and compelling. The story revolves around Violet, a robotic soldier who served in the Army and lost her arms. After the death of her partner, Major Gilbert Bougainvillea, she began a quest to discover the meaning of Major Gilbert’s last words, “You have a legacy to keep,” and she ends up discovering her own identity and love.

While the quality of the animation varies, the storylines are generally satisfying and the storylines are engaging. Each episode tells a standalone story, allowing viewers to explore the characters’ personalities and emotions without dialogue. In addition to the story arc, Violet explores various themes, including grief, self-loathing, acceptance, love, and more.

Reasons to Watch Season 1

One of the best reasons to watch Violet Evergarden season 1 is the emotional content. The show features the most heartbreaking scenes, and you’ll find yourself crying more than once. Even though the story is predictable and not all that deep, the visuals are spectacular. Moreover, Violet’s character arc is heartbreaking.

Reasons to Watch Violet Evergarden Season 1

If you’re a fan of anime and manga, you’ll want to watch Violet Evergarden season 1. This show is set in a world after World War I, and the story follows a former child soldier, Violet. After the war, she works for an Auto Memory Doll, a robot which writes personal and emotional letters to people. The Auto Memory Doll helps the people write their own letters, and the program is full of heart-wrenching scenes.

While Violet is still a teenager, she’s already grown up, and now takes orders from no one. In the first episode, she learns how to deal with emotions and to accept others. She doesn’t take orders from anyone, but she still tries to find the answers for her questions. The character development is satisfying and helps the plot. This anime will definitely appeal to fans of fantasy, and it is worth the wait.

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