tom ford oud wood

Oud Wood by Tom Ford is an Amber Woody fragrance that was released in 2007. It was developed by perfumer Richard Herpin and launched as part of the Private Blend Collection in 2007. The fragrance is available in 50ml and 250ml bottles. Oud Wood has a history of increasing popularity, as evidenced by the number of reviews and ratings it has received. The fragrance is part of Ford’s Private Blend Collection, which includes twelve eau de parfums tom ford oud wood

Launch date

If you’re wondering when Tom Ford will launch his new fragrance, the answer is now. The brand is announcing the launch date of Tom Ford Oud Wood, and we’re not too far behind. It’s already garnering cult-like following, and the fragrance is no exception. Oud Wood is a woodsy scent with a mysterious and sexy quality. The scent is perfect for nightlife or date night. This perfume was inspired by a tattoo that Ariana Grande sports on her chest, and the sweetness of the fragrance isn’t cloying.


The Tom Ford Oud Wood perfume has a cult following. The woodsy blend is mysterious and sultry, perfect for a date or night out with the ladies. The perfume also has a similar fragrance, named Ariana Grande, which is inspired by her tattoo. It is a fresh scent with sweet notes, but not cloying. If you’re looking for an expensive perfume, Oud Wood by Tom Ford might be the right choice tom ford oud wood

Scent profile

Tom Ford Oud Wood Scent is a rich, woody, airy fragrance with a hint of oud. This scent is not as overpowering as the animal-oid version, but it is still approachable and delectable. Its composition is rich and complex, and people who wear it often feel noticeably sensual. But before you get your money’s worth, learn about the fragrance’s profile to see if it’s right for you.

Unlike many other unisex scents, TOM FORD OUD WOOD isn’t heavy or overwhelmingly feminine. The scent starts with notes of rose, amber, and Szechuan pepper, but soon gives way to rich vanilla and earthy vetiver. Then, it blends together with the spicy notes of vetiver and sandalwood for a sensual, woody scent that is easy to wear.

Similar scents

Likely you’ve heard of Tom Ford Oud Wood before, but what is it any good? Oud is a woody, evocative accord and Tom Ford has done it before with M7. Despite its niche status, this fragrance has a place in the fashion industry. Those who’ve never smelled oud might be under the impression that this fragrance comes from a niche house.

If you’ve never tried Tom Ford Oud Wood, you’re not alone! This perfume was one of the first to make the oud note widely available in the western market. Tom Ford’s Oud Wood was the first to feature the note and became one of the most popular fragrances of the decade. Oud is also the heart of the Oud Collection, which features a strong woody base accord reminiscent of patchouli, sandalwood, and cedarwood tom ford oud wood

Another fragrance with similar qualities to Tom Ford Oud Wood is Clinique’s Tobacco Vanilla. It is a woody fragrance, but isn’t the usual mainstream compliment-getter. It smells like a confident, elevated person. The sillage is good, and the longevity of the scent is above average. Its scent progression and longevity make it a favorite among women. The Clinique woody fragrance is another scent that evokes feelings of confidence and elevatedness.

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