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Tokyo Revengers season 2 will be released in December 2021. When will the show air? What is the cast and staff like? And when can we expect the show to premiere? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this article! Read on for more details! We’ll also discuss the release date. You’ll be happy you did! Hopefully, Tokyo Revengers season 2 will be just as good as the first season.


The sequel to the blockbuster manga Tokyo Revengers is expected in November 2022. The manga’s first season was a worldwide hit and sparked a new fandom. Most anime shows are based on old comics and books, which means that the storylines are often the best. This season’s story follows the characters as they face more peril and perils than the first. You can read the manga ahead of time and be one step ahead of the anime’s premiere date.

The manga Tokyo Revengers has been published in 26 volumes so far. The author, Ken Wakui, has plans to release more volumes. Tokyo Revengers season 1 covers volumes one to eight. The second season will be based on volumes nine and up. After two seasons, there’s plenty more manga material to go around. Moreover, the manga has enough content to warrant a third season. It’s a must-read anime series for fans of manga.

A major plot point of Tokyo Revengers season 2 is the fate of the members of the Black Dragon. The gang grew to be the number one gang in Tokyo in its prime, and now only has one member. But this hasn’t prevented Mikey and his second in command, Draken, from being killed. But when Pah-chin is stabbed by a rival gang member, he turns himself into the police and becomes a suspect. Thankfully, the other members of the Tokyo Manji Gang agree to help him get out of trouble, but there is a big difference between them.

The manga Tokyo

The manga Tokyo Revengers season 2 release date has been confirmed, though it’s too early to know for sure. As of the time of writing, there’s no official announcement, but fans can still enjoy the series until it arrives. Tokyo Revengers is currently rated 8.24/10 on MyAnimeList, which suggests that the series is highly likely to return. The manga began in 2017 and is currently ongoing.

Although the anime Tokyo Revengers season 2 came out in 2013, the manga is still popular. The series has a huge fanbase and is gaining a large number of viewers around the world. The series is popular enough to garner over 112K searches on Google every month. Fans of manga and anime can find each other on Twitter. These two social networks are great places to share thoughts about anime. The following are some of the main details that you should know about the manga Tokyo Revengers.


When “Tokyo Revengers” begins, Nakamichi is twenty-six years old. After hearing the news that his brother and sister have been murdered, he goes back to make things right. However, there are many other problems he must solve before he can make things right for Hinata. In Season 2, he must face his past and confront Kisaki, the leader of the Tokyo Manji gang.

To mark the special occasion, the series is officially in production. Season two will feature the characters Taiju, Yuzuha, and Draken, with new episodes being released every three months. The series is also known for its Christmas showdowns. Although rumors abound about a second season, the official announcement has been made. A special teaser trailer was released to mark the decision. Anime news leakers SPY and Sugoi LITE have a track record of being right about anime news.

Each Tokyo Revengers episode adapts several chapters. For example, the episode 10 of the anime series adapted Chapter 27. Episode 11 then continued the Moebius arc, which ended with Chapters 33. After that, episode 12 continued the story and moved onto the next arc, Valhalla. Episodes generally cover three chapters. This is the case with Tokyo Revengers season two as well. But censorship may not have affected the dramatic effect of the series.

Speculation regarding

There was a great deal of speculation regarding the return of the voice actor who played Draken in the first season. However, after media reports, the actor was forced to take a hiatus from the entertainment industry. His wife was experiencing ill health and Tatsuhisa Suzuki was hospitalized. Fortunately, his wife later forgave him for the incident. It seems that the cast of the Tokyo Revengers anime are taking the right decisions, but the question remains: will M. Suzuki reprise the role?

Bloody Halloween ended with Toman defeating Mikey and saving his life. Meanwhile, a flashback from 2004 showed the former gang leader Kisaki apologizing to Takemichi and Chifuyu privately. He also apologized for setting up the Bloody Halloween. This episode featured many flashbacks. The series is filled with twists and turns. There are many things to love in Tokyo revengers season 2 anime.


The ending of Season 1 of Staff of Tokyo Revengers was an unexpected and emotional rollercoaster. Fans will want to see what happens next. However, the first season ended with a bang, leaving fans in a state of anticipation for Season 2.

Takemichi is a high-level executive in the Tokyo Manji Gang. His role has changed since he is appointed as the first division’s new leader. However, this change has left him in peril. The police have raided many businesses in the gang, so the new leader Kisaki is determined to take him out. However, when the police arrive, the gang’s leader Chifuyu confesses to deliberately leaking information to the police. As a result, Kisaki is planning to shoot Takemichi.

It was originally a manga series, but the anime series is still based on manga volumes. Volume 9 of the manga will be the starting point for Tokyo Revengers Season 2. The series’ first season adapted volumes one through eight. However, the second season will focus on volumes nine and twelve. After the first season, fans are awaiting the re-release of the manga series. Until then, fans should continue enjoying the series in hopes of a Season 2 release.

After a successful anime season

After a successful anime season, fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of a sequel. The series is already in the works for season two, but the exact date isn’t known yet. However, the release date of the second season of Staff of Tokyo Revengers looks safe. Hopefully, the series will premiere in early 2023. Once it is finished, Tokyo Revengers will be back on our screens in full force.

Anime news leakers have claimed that “Tokyo Revengers” will return for a second season. Two of the most prominent anime news leakers, Sugoi LITE and SPY, both verified the news. The official website of the series also posted a link to a teaser video. Season 2 will follow the same formula that made the first season so popular. As always, fans should keep an eye out for updates.

Release date

The manga series Tokyo Revengers has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its anime adaptation. The popularity of the series skyrocketed when it was turned into an anime, and fans have eagerly awaited news of a second season. While there’s still no official release date for the new season, there are some details we do know. Read on to learn more about the anticipated sequel. Here are the main details.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is reportedly due in October 2022. While it has not been officially announced yet, the release date has been confirmed to be October 2022. Season two of the anime series is typically released 12 to 18 months after the original season. This is an ambitious schedule for an anime show that’s already garnering a loyal following. However, it’s likely that the new season will start in early 2023, just as its predecessor.

The first season

The first season of the Tokyo Revengers anime series aired with 14 episodes. The manga has since been expanded with more than 337,000 ratings on, which is a popular anime rating website. The first season of Tokyo Revengers focused on volumes one to eight. The second season is expected to cover volumes nine through twelve. This means there is plenty of material to fill a third season, if it’s made.

While the second season will continue where the first one ended, the manga series will most likely pick up where Season 1 left off. This means that the show will likely pick up where Season 1 left off, and it will probably involve a potentially dangerous situation involving other gang members. In the meantime, the series’ first season will remain on Netflix, and fans can look forward to the second season in the fall. And, as always, the wait is worth it.

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