The Promised Neverland Season 2 Review

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Review is out and I’m not sure how I feel about the series overall. I was disappointed by Episode 11, and the storylines feel disjointed. The writing is poor, and the execution is uneven. The series has a lot of potential, but it falls short on several key levels. For this reason, I’m looking forward to Season 3.

Episode 11

My The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode Eleven review will focus on the disappointing finale. After months of anticipation, this anime is slipping further away from its original promise. I’ve been looking forward to this drama since it first aired on Netflix, but the second season seems to be cutting corners and disappointing fans. It will probably be regarded as one of the worst of the Winter 2021 series.

The second half of The Promised Neverland was a rushed episode that didn’t do much to develop the characters. We saw Emma go back to the farms, where she met Peter Ratri and Isabella. Emma was finally on the side of humanity, and her relationship with the murder moms was strained, but she soon reunited with Ray and Norman. It’s a shame that The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode Eleven finale was so rushed.

Disjointed storylines

After a fantastic first season, The Promised Neverland season two fell flat and was a disappointment. The story was too rushed and tended to deviate from the manga in a number of ways. Season two was a tad more focused on the main characters, Emma and Ray, who ascended into the demon-infested wilderness. Along the way, they came to learn about the human pact with the demons. Their journey to the Promised Neverland also led them to discover that Norman had survived. However, their journey was not without pitfalls.

While the premise of the series was good, the tangled storylines in the second season left fans confused and disappointed. For example, Emma and Ray are separated from the other Grace Field escapees, while their relationship with the new characters is also off-putting. This would undermine the main focus of the second season. However, there are 11 episodes left, and it will be interesting to see how it all comes together in the end.

Poor writing

The promise of the first season of The Promised Neverland is high, but the second season fails to deliver. While the first season was incredibly well-written and paced, the second season skims over crucial plot lines and makes the bad endings worse. The writing in The Promised Neverland Season 2 is so bad that I find myself questioning whether the second season is worth watching.

While the animation is quite good, The Promised Neverland lacks edge as it strays from the manga. Though anime-only storylines aren’t necessarily bad, the writers threw away important plot arcs and added poorly written original storylines. An example is Isabella getting the kids back, which carries a sour note because the show doesn’t go anywhere with it.

Poor execution

Season two of The Promised Neverland was a disappointment. Though the animation is decent, it loses its edge when it strays from the manga. While anime-only storylines aren’t necessarily bad, this adaptation also omitted several crucial plot arcs, which left the second season with very little to resemble the manga’s original masterpiece. One such plot arc involved “Norman”, a character that looked promising in the first season. Yet, when Isabella gets the mission to bring back the kids, her mission is simply a wasted effort and the series didn’t progress any further.

While there were some emotional moments and good ideas in season two, the show’s pacing and character development were not very strong. Instead, it focused on the kids’ survival in the wild, dealing with demons Shonju and Mujika, and outsmarting Isabella. These arcs could have been trimmed down to one season if the producers had been smart enough to hire talented animators and cut down on the budget.


Fans of The Promised Neverland may be thrilled to see their favorite characters continue their adventure in Season 2. However, those who have not been following the series for some time may be unsure of what’s going to happen. The creators of the series have done everything they can to make the experience worthwhile, while simultaneously taking away some of the show’s most memorable arcs and adding new ones The Promised Neverland Season 2 Review.

The Promised Neverland is set in an alternate world where young children are on the run from a butcher. The series follows Emma and Ray as they try to find a way to survive in their new world. However, they need to learn whom to trust and who not to, as they come across new characters. While they’re on the run, the two children find themselves struggling to survive, learning to identify their boundaries and determining who to trust.


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