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In this Roguefsl review, I will show you why this dubious e-commerce portal is not a good choice for your e-commerce needs. First of all, Roguefsl’s domain name is, and yet their website name is Excele. Legit websites do not put their website name differently than their domain name. Second, the Roguefsl Return Policy is unrealistic and confusing Roguefsl Reviews.

Roguefsl is a dubious e-commerce platform

A website with a questionable track record is Roguefsl. Although the portal was recently established, it’s hardly a new brand. The website’s design, content, and contact details are suspicious. Its address is similar to other dubious e-commerce platforms and its testimonial section lacks an actual domain. While its website’s age makes it difficult to gauge if the site is genuine or not, its contact details are suspect. Roguefsl’s contact details are unrecognizable, including no social media links. The company’s email address is also suspect, and it doesn’t even include a domain name.

In fact, the website has a low trust score. This is not a good sign. Roguefsl has very low trust ratings and doesn’t appear to be a legitimate e-commerce platform. For further reading, read How to Refund Credit Card Frauds and How to Choose the Best Portable Monitors Roguefsl Reviews.

Roguefsl returns policy is unrealistic

The website has a domain name of but a website name of Excele. Legitimate websites do not put their website’s name differently than the domain name. There is also a confusing Return Policy at Considering that it is a scam, we have concluded that the Return Policy is unreliable and confusing.

Roguefsl is a new portal

For those looking to buy household and technological items, Roguefsl is a promising new portal. Its products include phone holders, silicone pots for air fryers, and mountable suction lights. The website lacks categorization, however, and does not link to social media. Nevertheless, there is a fourteen-day return policy, and the site takes credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

This new portal was only established on April 7, 2022, so it has not yet been around very long. The Trust Score of the Roguefsl portal is just 2%. It also lacks a social media link, and customer reviews are unreliable. Moreover, the contact details are suspicious. The email address of the portal is a common trait of dubious ecommerce platforms. Additionally, it doesn’t contain a domain name Roguefsl Reviews.

Roguefsl has a very low trust score

Roguefsl is a new online store that sells a variety of household items and technological gadgets. Its web design is somewhat dated, and its website does not seem very genuine. If you’re in need of a replacement for your monitor, you may want to check out the resource below. It contains tips on how to prevent credit card fraud and choose the best portable monitor.

Despite its relatively new existence, this portal is still active. It was registered on April 7, 2022, which means it’s been operating for almost three years. Their Trust Score is very low, at only 2%. Their site features no social media links, no customer reviews, and suspicious contact details. They use the same address as other dubious ecommerce platforms. Additionally, their email address doesn’t include a domain, which makes them look more fake than genuine.

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