Re Zero Season 1

Re:Zero Season 1 is a 25-episode anime series based on the light novel series. The anime was illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. It originally aired on TV Tokyo. While there are few spoilers for the first episode, it was an extended 50-minute special. In the United States, Re:Zero Season 1 aired on TV Tokyo and has a very diverse fan base.

Re:Zero’s lore

The Re:Zero anime series is a psychologically harrowing fantasy thriller wrapped in an action-adventure story. Though the anime maintains a dark atmosphere throughout, it gradually lightens between the storylines. One notable aspect of the series is the way the lore relates to the main character Subaru’s ability to return by death. The ability allows him to go back in time after being killed, regardless of whether the death was his own or a result of an accident.

The Re:Zero anime did not make it clear that Subaru was being chased by a horde of mabeasts. The anime, however, used the first-person perspective to show the death scene of Petra. This scene was first introduced in Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 8. Unlike the book, the anime version depicted the Great Rabbit crawling under Subaru’s skin to kill him.

The third season of the Re:Zero anime

While fans are eagerly waiting for the third season of the Re:Zero anime, the makers have not revealed a release date. Season two concluded in March, and a third season has not been announced. Nevertheless, the Japanese producer, Sho Tanaka, revealed in a recent interview that the anime is based on a novel by the same name. While the producer of the anime did not make an official announcement regarding the third season, he teased fans by stating that he would reveal more details when the third season is ready.

The lore of Re:Zero is extremely rich and varied. From the lore of the original light novel series to the story of its anime series, there are numerous plot elements that could have been explored. It is important to remember that anime adaptations are not usually planned in advance. Although the original creators of the series are often given little input into the anime adaptations, they do have input in the process.


The Re:Zero franchise consists of over 100 characters, and the first season was no exception. Of these, 39 were used in more than one title. The rest, however, were exclusive to the series. Below, we will examine the characters and their relationships. Read on to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. And don’t forget to vote! Remember, this list is created by the community, so you can have an effect on the ranking of your favorite characters!

Re:Zero features an engaging cast of characters. Season one’s cast was diverse and varied, but the second season’s is even more memorable. Each character contributes to the quality of the series. One of the main characters, Garfiel, was introduced in the second season and quickly gained the title of “most hated character”.

Felt is Subaru’s best friend, but she’s not quite as trustworthy as she first seems. Originally, she didn’t trust Subaru, but eventually opened up to him. In the anime, Felt’s age is never explicitly stated, but she’s at least fifteen at the start of the first arc. During this time, she’s a candidate for the 42nd King of Lugnica, but it’s not confirmed. She’s also implied to be a missing niece of Lugnica.

While Re:Zero borrows heavily from other anime, its cast is likable and has unique ideas that make it an instant classic. With a decade of experience under its belt, it’s no wonder the series has become so popular. It’s not bad, but it’s far from great. There are moments where it’s really good, but it also has its share of flaws.


The Re: Zero anime series began airing in 2016 on Crunchyroll and features the story of Natsuki Subaru, an ordinary man who loves to stay indoors. One day he goes to a grocery store, but when he returns he discovers a strange, dark passage. Subaru has been summoned to an alternate world, but he does not know why. During his travels through this fantasy world, he will find a host of new friends and enemies.

In this first season, we are introduced to Subaru, an ordinary boy who can revive himself when he dies. The resurrected Subaru goes to great lengths to keep his friends alive, despite the dangers he faces. He falls in love with Emilia and dreams of marrying her one day, but his obsession with saving the others causes him to suffer in the process. This is the main conflict of Re:Zero, and it’s one of the reasons why so many fans of anime haven’t seen the show yet.

In this first season, Subaru and his twin brother, Ram, live in a demon village. Ram is a prodigy while Rem is struggling with life. She blames herself for cutting off Ram’s horn. When Subaru rescues Rem from her enslavement, Rem goes berserk and kills the other two. Subaru stands up to the attack and saves the day.

In addition to Re:Zero Season 1, there is a second season planned. Season 2 ends with a bang, and White Fox has not yet announced a third season. The second season of the show received excellent reviews from viewers and was delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its release date is January 6, 2021. The anime has already received a rating of 8.5 on myanimelist.

Character tropes

Re:Zero, a Japanese anime series, follows the lives of three different characters. A series about an alternate world is not atypical. The main character is Yamato Nadeshiko, a teen girl with a tragic backstory. In this series, the teen girl becomes a super hero who fights evil and tries to restore justice. She is also an example of a ‘wildflower’ character trope.

Although Re:Zero draws heavily from other anime, the series also has its own distinctive ideas and characters. Its dark themes are dealt with in a timely manner. While the series is uncomplicated, it will surely get you interested. No matter what your taste in anime is, you’ll find a show with Re:Zero to be a hit. Here’s a closer look at Re:Zero’s character tropes:


Re:Zero Season 1 ended at the end of Arc 4, corresponding to Volumes 10 through 15. The next season is expected to pick up the story with Arc 5, which corresponds to Volumes 16 through 20. While there is no official announcement of a third season, it is likely that the next season will include two cours. If it airs back to back, it will be in 2023.

Unlike most other TV shows, anime is not scheduled to be finished in one season. Studios typically plan out their schedules years in advance. If the original material is popular, a second season can be planned. Though the first season was a massive hit, the producer did not anticipate the overwhelming success of the second season. While it will be a while before the second season begins, viewers will be able to enjoy the first season without feeling too rushed.

There are two seasons of Re:Zero

There are two seasons of Re:Zero. The first season consists of 25 episodes. The second season will be published in 2020. Episodes lasted between twenty and thirty minutes. The first episode was fifty minutes long, but the director’s cut will contain 13 episodes each hour. The runtime of Re:Zero Season 1 will be around two hours. This is a lot of time to watch an anime, so it’s best to find a streaming service before buying an episode.

Re:Zero was originally a manga series that started airing in 2016. It is an anime that focuses on the main character, Subaru Natsuki. He is an ordinary high school student. His fate will be more complicated than he can have imagined. He will discover that he has the power to rewind time and death. In the manga, his only memory is of the events from the time he first came to this world.

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