Prison School Season 1

If you are looking for a great TV show, you must have watched Prison School season one. You probably have many questions in your mind, including the release date, characters, and plot. This article will answer all of your questions. Read on to find out what you need to know about the Prison School Season 1 TV show. You can also check out our review of the first season. We hope you enjoy the show. There is no better way to begin your journey through the prison than by reading this review.


Prison School was a strange anime, with a premise about five boys trapped in an underground school with three sadistic female student council members. It was also funny – and required that you shut down your mind and enjoy it. However, while the show is heavy on fan service, it is also a highly entertaining watch. And if the creators of the show do plan to bring the show back, fans may throw a celebration.

There are numerous notable characters in this show. The narrator and the protagonists all play their part in the comedy. It is important to note that the show takes place in a school prison, which is an ideal setting for a perverted school environment. In addition to being a comedy, Prison School also offers a message about how power is not confined to one gender. The show is also a satire of patriarchal society and a rebuke of the idea that men are always more powerful than women.

A major plot point in the first season relates to the prisoners’ relationship with their prison officers. While the boys are encouraged to get along with each other, the school’s Chairman, Mari, gives each boy three hours of free time on weekends. However, Mari is not entirely enlightening for the boys, as she stumbles across porno on the Chairman’s computer, and punishes them for it. Gakuto, meanwhile, is left behind, but is able to save the boys by getting them together with the help of Andre.

The show’s ending is crucial.

The show’s ending is crucial. A good anime ending leaves room for sequels, and Prison School was no exception. This ending proved the students’ innocence, punished the Underground Student Council, and gave the students a fresh start at school. And because of its light-hearted nature, Prison School is popular in the United States and Japan. Despite its light-hearted nature and humorous narrative, it has managed to draw in a wide range of fans – and even some haters.

The characters in the series include the president of the above-ground student council, Kate, and the secretary of the Underground Student Council (USC). The boys’ pranksters, who often try to steal from the Underground Student Council, are the target of Kate’s ire. Her manipulation skills lead to the boys’ prison sentencing, and she is soon a ruthless adversary. But she does help the boys get what they deserve, and eventually she is the person who helps the boys succeed.


The first episode of the second season of the popular Japanese television series focuses on a boy’s boarding school, Prison School. The Underground Student Council decimates the group’s plan and sends the boys to jail for a month. As the boys spend this time in prison, their bonds of friendship and perverted brotherhood are put to the test. The tense situation continues throughout the first season, with more twists and turns to come.

The plot of the first season centers around voyeurism in the school’s washing room. The boys, whose names have been changed, are punished for sabotaging their own sentence. Kate becomes an ruthless adversary, turning the entire school against Mari and the boys. She becomes so powerful, in fact, that she narrates their sentencing to the chairman of the Underground Student Council.

The first season ended with the main character escaping to high school, which didn’t exactly complement the second season. And a few episodes later, the first season triggered controversy due to some mistranslations and a slight disrespect towards the #gamergate movement. However, this controversy would not necessarily affect the release of the second season. Overall, Prison School has a good chance of getting a second season and a number of positive signs.

The second season

The second season opens with a confrontation between Mari and USC. The ASC enforces their role as prison guards, with Hana and Meiko refusing to wear their prison uniforms. Meanwhile, Chiyo interrupts Anzu’s lunch and reveals that Operation DTO used extreme abuse methods. Gakuto storms into the library, where he meets Mitsuko Yokoyama. While everyone is focused on the first season, we also learn how the characters will interact in the upcoming episodes.

The ending is crucial in an anime, as the ending should be satisfying enough to open up the door for a sequel. Fortunately, the Prison School season finale proved the students’ innocence, punished the Underground Student Council, and helped the students transition back into school life. In contrast, the sequel to Season One didn’t end that way. This might seem surprising for an anime series, but it’s certainly a positive sign. In this case, fans of Prison School are eager for more.

Release date

It’s been over 6 years since the original Prison School anime series ended. There was a lot of content to adapt, and fans of the series expressed their desire for a sequel through memes. You can find countless of them on Twitter. If a sequel is announced, Prison School fans might throw a party. If not, they might be more likely to wait for the next season. The question remains – will a sequel be as good as the first?

Prison School Season 1 has been widely praised, and it won two awards for Best General Manga at the 37th Kodansha Manga Awards. Its popularity is so impressive that the producers have not ruled out a second season. But what does a Prison School season 2 look like? And what is the release date for Prison School Season 2? We will soon find out! Here are a few things we know about the series so far.

Prison School is a Japanese manga series written by Akira Hiramoto. The series first aired in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine from February 2011 to December 2017. The manga was later licensed by Yen Press for English release in North America. The anime version is a 12-episode anime television series directed by Tsutomu Mizushima. The live-action version aired from October to December 2015.

As the season progressed

As the season progressed, the main plotline continued to unfold. When the instructors were sent to jail, the students were tortured and humiliated by their former supervisors. As the story progressed, the children met new supervisors: Risa, Kate, and Mitsuko. Among them is Mari’s middle school rival Kate. The children vowed to escape their ruthless bosses to get back to their normal lives.

The first season of the popular Japanese show is currently available on Netflix. It has already been downloaded over 50 million times. As a result, you can easily catch up on the entire season if you’re looking for an early release. It’s a must-watch for fans of television dramas! Now, with Prison School Season 1 available, you can look forward to seeing the rest of the series. With a few episodes to go, it’ll be the perfect time for fans to binge-watch the first season.


My review of Prison School season one includes a few positive and negative points. First of all, the show is based on prisons and its concept is a little far fetched. The idea of a shadow student council and prisons is absurd, and while the creators attempt to rationalize it with flimsy excuses, this is the only way for Prison School to work. This is a show about prisoners and the exploitation of power. It’s also a great turnaround of the patriarchal society in which the characters live and learn. Likewise, Prison School Season 1 is not a comedy show.

The first season focuses on issues that Kiyoshi faces at the institution where he is incarcerated. This period of the series focuses on rules and guidelines that are set in place to protect these prisoners. However, the series may be changing their focus in Season 2 to reflect the issues facing women in institutions. As a fan of anime, I’d highly recommend checking out Prison School. There are plenty of reasons for fans to be so enamored with this show.

A storyline that follows a group of imprisoned teens is interesting. This season is set in a prison where five detainees were punished by the Underground Student Council. The show shows the detainees’ harrowing experiences, including their desperate attempts to escape the school. Its well-written and original storyline are the primary reasons for Prison School being considered one of the best shows on television.

The boys’ plan to distract Meiko proves disastrous,

The boys’ plan to distract Meiko proves disastrous, and Meiko ends up leaving Andre without punishment for several days. They plan to enter the guard office while she is distracted by the boys during an arm wrestling match. The armswai contest takes place in a corridor near the mess hall of the Prison Block. In the end, Jo, Kiyoshi, and Shingo defeat Meiko by distracting her with their nipple.

The show’s plot revolves around the boys’ experiences in prison. The first season begins with the boys’ incarceration under the leadership of Mari. Mari, the school’s chairman, is a stern disciplinarian, and the boys try to follow her example. But, one day in the first season, Mari stumbles upon porno on the Chairman’s computer. Her punishment consists of taking away the free time of the boys. After this episode, Kiyoshi and Anzu start to develop a plan to break out. Meanwhile, Gakuto starts to display unusual behavior.

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