Ouran Highschool Host Club

Ouran Highschool Host Club, The Ouran Highschool Host Club is a fictional organization which helps students in a variety of ways. The club is made up of many members who play different roles within the school. Some of the members are Haruhi, Kaoru, Mori, and Hikaru Hitachiin. The Host Club members are recruited into the club for various reasons. This article focuses on the various roles of these characters.


In the manga and anime, the main character is Haruhi Fujioka. This character has an interesting personality and has a lot to offer the reader. She is a bright and caring student, and she also has a secret – she can sing. Haruhi from Ouran Highschool Host Club is a fantastic read and has been popular with fans ever since it was released.

As the host of Ouran Highschool’s host club, she is a hard worker and a bit blunt, despite her young age. She is the only relatable character in the show, because all of the other members are caught up in upper-class delusions and are incapable of thinking straight. However, this fact may have been missed by hardcore fans. Haruhi from Ouran Highschool Host Club is a great read, and it will definitely have a place in your anime collection.

Haruhi from Ouran Highschool is the youngest member of the Host Club. She is the most popular girl at middle school and is confessed to every boy at least once a month. She is a slow confessor, but does not want to break anyone’s heart. As a result, many readers will be able to relate to her. It is also an excellent read if you’re a fan of manga and anime!


A character in the manga “Mori from Ouran Highschool Host Club” is named Takashi Morinozuka. He is a senior at Ouran Highschool. He is a member of the Host Club with his cousin, Hunny-senpai. Takashi is tall, dark and quiet, which makes him very popular with ladies. He is labeled a “Wild” type host and has a “Siberian husky” appearance.

As the Strong & Silent member of the Host Club, Mori is also a close friend of Haruhi. Although they are not officially a couple, they often rush to help each other out, especially when they’re in trouble. While Bisco Hatori had originally planned for the two to break up as a couple, he later changed his mind about who Haruhi should end up with. Despite their different backgrounds, Mori and Haruhi have an incredible relationship. They understand each other without trivial conversation.

Haruhi is also a member of the Host Club, and she returns frequently. Her mother, Tamaki, often visits the Host Club, and she often fetches her for reunions. She is the first member of the Host Club to marry, along with Tamaki. The pair is very close and often visit each other for reunions. Mori also has a sister, Reiko Kanazuki, and is married to Haruhi.


Hikaru and Kaoru are twin brothers who have lived a life of seclusion and a wall around their hearts. However, their brotherly love for each other is so infectious that the girls at Ouran Academy drool over them. Despite their self-imposed seclusion, Kaoru and Hikaru manage to make their brothers understand what they are really feeling and why.

Hikaru and Kaoru live with their mom, Yuzuha, a fashion designer. Hikaru works in a computer program, while Kaoru is a student. The two have a sister named Ageha, who likes flowers and butterflies. Kaoru’s personality resembles his older brothers, while Ageha refers to Tamaki as “milord”. They both attend college, but the English-language manga versions are published by VIZ Media and Chuang Yi, and the anime adaptation is released by Funimation.

Both brothers live in separate worlds, and they have been playing the game of “Which one is Hikaru-kun” since they were in grade school. Kaoru is more mature and thoughtful than his brother and often acts in self-defence. However, when with him, Kaoru reverts to his former scampishness. Both brothers are likable and endearing, but their personalities are hardly the same.

The anime also introduces the other two major characters from Ouran Highschool. Kazukiyo Soga is the class representative of Class 1A. She is similar to Kyoya, but is very different. Her Halloween antics are particularly famous. Kazukiyo’s twin sister, Momoka, also joins Team B. They are friendly with each other, but their friendship grows stronger over time.

Hikaru Hitachiin

The older twin of Kaoru and Haruhi, Hikaru Hitachiin is a member of the Ouran Highschool Host Club. This club consists of six rich, handsome boys. Hikaru and Kaoru have similar personalities, but are very different from each other. They can be easily angered. They also have the same interests as each other.

The characters of Hikaru Hitachiin Ouran High School Host Club are well-developed comedic creations who play on bishonen stereotypes. These stereotypes are common to Japanese manga. The names of the characters differ slightly between the English-language versions of the manga and anime. The English-language manga versions of the series are published by Chuang Yi and VIZ Media. The anime adaptations are produced by Funimation.

Tamaki is a second-year student of the school and a co-founder of the Host Club. He is sixteen at the start of the anime, and is a princely-type. He loves classical piano music, which he plays in his closet. Haruhi, on the other hand, is very jealous of her. Tamaki, however, is more than happy to help her, as long as she will be supportive of him.

Hikaru’s obsession with Haruhi is a source of misunderstanding. He acts like Haruhi is his toy, presenting himself with a self-centered attitude. He also shows a fierce care for the people he allows into his closed world. However, when Haruhi briefly rekindles their friendship with him, Hikaru loses his cool and gets jealous of her.


The main character of Tamaki, Ouran Highschool Hostel Club is Tamaki Suoh. Tamaki is the president and founder of the Ouran Highschool Host Club. The story centers around Tamaki’s friendship with other students and her struggles to achieve her dreams. The anime is based on the manga of the same name. Tamaki’s relationship with other characters is surprisingly complicated.

The manga was originally serialized in LaLa magazine between 2002 and 2010 and has now been adapted into an anime series. The anime adaptation is a 26-episode series. Tamaki lives with his sisters Yuzuha and Kaoru. Yuzuha is a fashion designer, while Hikaru and Kaoru are computer software designers. Their younger sister, Ageha, loves flowers and butterflies and has a personality similar to the two older brothers. She calls Tamaki her boss, and the three siblings dot on her.

Tamaki is an illegitimate son of Ouran Academy Chairman Yuzuru Suoh and is the president of the Ouran Host Club. He is deeply in love with Haruhi, but doesn’t realize it. Mei points out that Tamaki is naive when it comes to Haruhi. He is also dense about his own feelings and highly perceptive of other people’s feelings.


The Kyoya Ouran Highschool Hostess Club is a fictional organization that aims to provide students with as much comfort as possible. The Host Club has many different items, including throw pillows, cushions, bath mats, blankets, and wall tapestries. You can even find jigsaw puzzles and magnets. The members are all well-loved, and the story revolves around them.

Renge is the self-proclaimed manager of the Host Club. She lives in France before coming to Ouran. She claims to be Kyoya’s fiancee, but her obsession with Kyoya comes from her role as a character in the dating-sim game Ichigo Miyabi. Although Renge is only a minor character, Tamaki hopes that she will become Haruhi’s feminizing influence. However, when she starts a crush on her, she regrets her decision.

In the live-action version of the anime, the three main characters are female and Asian. The girls from the different genders, however, are attracted to the same kind of characters. They share common interests and are often in the same place in life. The anime adaptation is also a favorite amongst the fandom. The show features various character voices and an intriguing plot. Anime Host Club members and is a must-watch for any fan of manga.

Tamaki’s sister, Shizue, is an important part of the Host Club. Tamaki feels that a relationship with Eclair Tonnerre is unlikely. The relationship begins as a simple friendship, and gradually develops into a romantic relationship. Although the two are very far apart, they are still close. Even after their relationship is established, the two remain in love. But despite the obstacles, they still think of each other and try to make it work. Perhaps someday, they’ll meet again.

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