is Karmagawa Legit

Is Karmagawa Legit? We’ll discuss the company’s SSL Certification, 501(c)3 charitable foundation status, influencers, and returns policy. It’s also worth noting that it has 1.3M Instagram followers and 4.3K Facebook fans. It has excellent backlink quality and has been around for more than three decades. Unfortunately, we can’t find an address or contact phone number for the company.

Karmagawa is a 501c3 charity foundation

The purpose of the Karmagawa is to create awareness and raise funds for various causes around the world, including saving the environment, combating global warming, saving rhinos, and reducing plastic use. It has built more than 40 schools and donated more than $4 million to over 30 charities. One of its most recent projects was to fund a documentary about the endangered coral reefs. Filmmaker Amir Zakeri produced the epic film, which received more than 4 million hits on YouTube in four months.

The name of Karmagawa came from two words – “karma” and “gawa,” which mean “to do” in the Tagalog language of the Philippines. When translated literally, “karmagawa” means to “do good.” Because the founders have a passion for philanthropy, they have given over $4 million to 30 different charities. They have built schools in 9 countries, saved rescued animals from circuses, and helped protect coral reefs from global warming.

It accepts returns

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days. Karmagawa accepts returns for products that do not fit your needs. All products are shipped via USPS. Please note that you may be required to pay taxes and duties when ordering items outside of the United States. You must contact your local customs office to determine what these charges are before ordering from is Karmagawa Legit. In certain cases, we may cancel your order and ask for additional information.

It has a website

What do we know about is Karmagawa Legit? They have a Facebook page with 4.3K followers and a good number of backlinks, which is impressive. However, it does not mention an address, phone number, or any other kind of contact information, which is disappointing. They have been around for over 30 years, but we don’t have many reviews of them. So, how can we determine if they are legit?

Despite its website, we can’t make out the owner’s name or address of Karmagawa. While the web site is over three years old, it has a strong social media presence. While it doesn’t mention the owner’s details, it offers a limited amount of content, including a few customer testimonials. Additionally, the website doesn’t have a contact page, and there’s no information about the products they sell.

It has influencers

The founders of is Karmagawa Legit are Matt Abad and Timothy Sykes. According to the company’s instagram page, many of the models aren’t fashion models but influencers. Timothy Sykes pimps these influencers out for money. Many young girls look up to these models as role models. Sykes should be charged with human trafficking. However, his motives are not known. It’s likely that he will never admit his actions.

The new name for the foundation comes from the fact that Karmagawa is a conglomeration of influential people. Aside from Timothy Sykes, the foundation’s other influential members include Mattheau Abad, a world-renowned photographer. Sykes grew up in the Philippines and later moved to the United States. He is one of the richest men in the Philippines and co-founded Karmagawa with Abad.

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