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Get all updates related to God Eater Season 2 including God Eater Season 2 release date and cast. The sci-fi God Eater Anime franchise has been ranked top-favorite in the anime zone.

The God Eater is a Japanese sci-fi action-based anime series similar to the anime video game title developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Then it expanded its popularity among the millennials. Ufotable Studio has animated the series and the game, leaving an excellent impression on the anime world. 

It’s been six years since the debut of the God Eater Anime and the fans are still waiting for the arrival of God Eater Season 2. But the God Eater video games are reaching fans at different time gaps. It was launched in 2013 and God Eater 3 game followed it in 2018. The long wait has put the audience in a dilemma of its release but curiosity and talk increase the God Eater anime Season 2 release.

God Eater

The first of the God Eater series starts with the prologue of 2065 showing a glimpse of what’s in store for humans. The game and the TV series are based on the post-apocalyptic future where the Aragami (man-eating creatures that can take the shape of anything) are driving humanity to the point of extinction. They destroy anything that comes in between their path. Will there be God Eater anime Season 2 to continue the battle of Aragami? 

Details and Cast of God Eater

God Eater Season 2 Details

Along with the exciting plot story, the cast made a special impression on this franchise. Let’s meet the characters from the God Eater anime-


Character                                                    Cast

Robbie Daymond                                                        Lenka Utsugi

Michelle Ruff                                                               Sakuya Tachibbana

Kyle Hebert                                                                 Lindow Amamiya

Crispin Freeman                                                         Soma Schicksal

Lucien Dodge                                                             Kota Fujiki

Cherami Leigh                                                            Alisa Llynichina Amiella

Erika Harlacher                                                           Hibari Takeda

Karen Strassman                                                        Licca Kusunoki

Production Team-

Director- Takayuki Hirao

Production- Uftable

Original Character Design- Koichi Itakura

Chief Animation Director- Keita Shimizu

Sound Director- Takayuki Hirao

Will there be God Eater Season 2?

The inside story of God Eater revolves around the Aragami and the war between the organization Fenrir who has created the bimolecular material weapons called God Arcs to destroy the Aragami. The weapon wielder who fights with the God Arc is known by the pretty catchy name God Eater. 

God Eater Hidden Facts

God Eaters adopt new strategies and get trained for this new age war with the Aragamies. The first season left an unresolved storyline that made it obvious to the fan to wait for the God Eater Season 2.

Nuclear facility has been created to wipe the Aragami out of the earth but they suddenly attack the God eaters. After a long battle, the Aragami escapes from a blast and the God Eaters are lifted to safety. Then God Eaters are forced to change their plan and a new Asian User is formed and the upcoming war plans are being aired.  

God Eaters were not prepared initially for the great war but they allied to create a new force named Fenrir. Lindow leads them in the first season but he loses his arm during combat with enemies. The second season of God Eater anime has much more to see how they force will lead forward to save the world from wiping out.

The God Eater anime season 1 ended with the suspense where an unknown person sits watching the leading God Eater Soma. The obvious release of this show reaches a high pitch when there is the mystery behind the Aragami origin and about their past. That makes the arrival of the God Eater anime a much-awaited event to the fans.

God Eater Season 2 Release Date:

The God Eater anime Season 2 release date is count on the most-awaited waiting list for the anime fans. The release is highlighted with the new heroes, terrifying beasts, and new weapons. The new season Rage Burst may hit the audience with its charismatic charm in the late 2021 or with the rise of 2022.

With the release of this TV Show, Lenka Utsugi can be the centre of focus in the new season. The predictions of Lindow and Shio’s return are high and will give a new twist to the storyline of God Eater Season 2. 

The show’s finale saw Hero and Zero Two sacrifice their lives to destroy the aliens and trying their best to kill the main villain. But the villain has promised to return one day by creating the bigger mess in God Eater Season 2.

Is there a trailer available for God Eater Anime Season 2?

Until the date of writing the trailer of God Eater anime has not arrived on the platform. Since the production team has predicted the release, the possibility of the trailer arriving is high. Keep an eye on our space, we will update you if anything announce officially.

Will this be Menta who will lead the Fenrir or Shio? Or there will be a new character with a twisted plot. That makes the arrival of season 2 more fascinating for the fans. To know more about this show release, fans repeatedly search and discuss on different social media handles.

The demand for the God Eater anime has been increasing in the fans on different platforms. That can be easily access by using the research graphs. We will avail you with the latest information from the officials, just stay connected with us to know more about God Eater Season 2 release date and many more updates. 

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