asus 2-in-1 q535

The ASUS 2-in-1 Q535 is a lightweight and ultraportable laptop that includes a full-size HDMI port, microSD card slot, and 4GB RAM. However, it lacks Thunderbolt 3 support, which would be a welcome addition to any gaming laptop. Although you can increase its CPU power and storage, this will reduce the battery life. We recommend you avoid this upgrade unless you have a specific need for high-performance gaming.

Battery life

The battery life of the ASUS 2-in-1 Q535 is an impressive 10 hours. The device is a versatile 2-in-1 that combines the power of a traditional computer with the portability of a tablet. It also includes a fingerprint reader and two USB ports. This laptop is one of the most versatile Windows 10 PCs available. In addition, it boasts an easy-to-use interface and a large display, so it can serve many different purposes.

The battery life of the Asus two-in-one Q535 is pretty good, especially compared to other notebooks. On average, it can last for 3.8 hours before it needs a recharge. Battery life is best achieved by not using the AC power supply more than twice a week, and by keeping the device out of humid areas like bathrooms and showers, as this increases the battery’s discharge rate.


The Asus 2-in-1 Q535 is a versatile piece of equipment that can function as a laptop, tablet, or desktop. While most laptops are fast and feature great quality, some are designed for specific uses. The ASUS 2-in-1 Q535UD is one of those. Its sleek design and portability make it an ideal portable workstation for students and businesspeople alike. If you’re looking for a new laptop, you’ll love this thin and lightweight device.

The ASUS 2-in-1 Q535 features a 15.6-inch touch screen with an IPS display for accurate color reproduction. Its 1920 x 1080 resolution produces crisp and clear images. Facial recognition is another great feature of the ASUS 2-in-1 Q535u. And the HDMI port allows you to project an external display if you need to. And thanks to its powerful performance and solid-state drive, this laptop is designed to last an impressive eight hours.


The ASUS 2-in-1 Q535 is an excellent all-around computer that can be used for a variety of activities, from business activities to entertainment like watching movies or giving presentations. Its thin, lightweight design and Thunderbolt 3 ports make it perfect for transferring files and playing video games. It even comes with a fingerprint reader. With its high-quality build, you’ll be amazed at its versatility.

As an ASUS 2-in-1, the Q535 runs Windows 10 and features an 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor. With such a powerful processor, you can easily complete everyday tasks without any problems. This laptop also has a powerful graphics card, with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 ensuring a smooth, fluid gaming experience. Those looking for a high-quality, affordable gaming laptop will want to consider the ASUS 2-in-1 Q535 price.

DisplayHDR quality

Whether you need a laptop with DisplayHDR quality or a tablet with HDR performance is a personal choice, the Asus 2-in-1 Q535 is an excellent option. The display has an excellent 165Hz refresh rate, a three-millisecond pixel response time, and 100 percent DCI-P3 coverage. This laptop also boasts 512 local dimming zones and a VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification. With DisplayHDR quality, you can be sure that you’ll never have to settle for lower-quality products.

The Asus 2-in-1 Q535 laptop has a VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification, meaning it has high-end display technology. The display is also capable of displaying a wide range of colors. The display is also rated as low-blue, meaning you can use it in a dark environment without worry of losing details. Its screen technology is among the best available in a laptop.


The Asus 2-in-1 Q535 is an excellent portable laptop that offers multiple ports. Its USB 3.1 Type-C port is able to transfer data at speeds of up to 10Gbps, while its USB 3.0 port can transfer data up to 5Gbps. You can also use these ports to connect a USB printer or an external storage drive. Its HDMI port allows you to connect your laptop to an external display.

The screen of the ASUS 2-in-1 Q5 35 is vibrant, with IPS technology ensuring accurate colors from all angles. Its 1920 x 1080 resolution provides crisp images. Its facial recognition feature makes it even more attractive, and it comes with an HDMI port so you can project your screen to a large external display. Despite its portability, the ASUS 2-in-1 Q535 isn’t the most powerful laptop on the market.

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