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Blue Exorcist season 1 is a classic Japanese anime that revolves around demonic possessions, Satan and a battle-style exorcism. The manga series has had a huge fan base since it first aired in 2011, and the anime has steadily grown in popularity ever since. As the adaptation of the manga, it features realistic and well-drawn characters, as well as equal parts of humor and seriousness. Its dramatic moments and over-the-top facial expressions make it an enjoyable watch. And as the first season adapts the manga, it features no filler episodes.

Episode and Length of Blue Exorcist Season 1

The manga Blue Exorcist only had 9 episodes when the anime premiered, so it was hard to get an accurate adaptation. The show runners, however, can’t be blamed for the disparity between the manga and the television adaptation. The first season is a unique blend of made-up stories and the original manga. The storyline is both entertaining and frightening, and the finale is a satisfying culmination.

As the original series is Japanese, the anime’s timeline is complex. For those unfamiliar with the series, the best place to start is with the first season, which has 25 episodes based on the manga’s volumes one through four. This season introduces the world of Blue Exorcist, establishes its characters, and ends with a cliffhanger. Despite this, the anime is still far from complete, and the final chapter is a thrilling conclusion to season one.



Episode 1 The Devil Resides in Human Souls
Episode 2 Gehenna Gate
Episode 3 Brothers
Episode 4 Garden of Amahara
Episode 5 A Boy From the Cursed Temple
Episode 6 The Phantom Chef
Episode 7 A Flock of Plovers
Episode 8 Now a Certain Man Was Sick…
Episode 9 Memories
Episode 10 Black Cat
Episode 11 Demon of the Deep Seas
Episode 12 A Game of Tag
Episode 13 Proof
Episode 14 A Fun Camping Trip
Episode 15 Act of Kindness
Episode 16 The Wager
Episode 17 Temptation
Episode 18 Gale
Episode 19 An Ordinary Day
Episode 20 Mask
Episode 21 The Secret Garden
Episode 22 Demon Hunting
Episode 23 Truth
Episode 24 Satan’s Spawn
Episode 25 Stop, Time
OVA Runaway Kuro

Where To Find Blue Exorcist Season 1

You can watch the first season of the anime series Blue Exorcist on Netflix. Its manga adaptation, released in 2002, contains ten episodes that are canon and five that are fillers. You can find the manga’s episode lists online as well as episodes on the different streaming services. The Japanese series is also available on Crunchyroll and VRV. So you’ll have plenty of options to watch Blue Exorcist.

Exorcist Season 1 release

The first season of Blue Exorcist was released in 2004 and has six episodes so far. The first two seasons are based on the manga, and a cliff-hanger in the sixth episode will leave you hanging for the next half of the series. Fortunately, there’s a third season in the works, so you don’t have to worry about missing out. And if you’ve seen the manga, you’ve probably already watched the manga.

Release of Blue Exorcist Season 1

The original “Blue Exorcist” manga series has gained a cult following since its release in 2011. The series’ original ending was a slap in the face to the franchise, but fans aren’t satisfied. The manga, originally written by Kazue Kato, is a classic shounen series. A-Pictures plans to adapt the novel into an anime, which is expected to be aired in 2020.

The anime series was an immediate success, and A-1 Pictures has already adapted the manga into a film. The first season premiered in April 2011, and special episodes were released in January and December 2012. In December, the movie was released and directed by David Lynch. After the anime series, the anime will be followed by a second season. The new seasons will be available on January 7, 2017, and then on Netflix and other streaming services.

The Plot of Blue Exorcist Season 1

The plot of Blue Exorcist is a supernatural horror thriller that follows a group of demons in search of humans. They are searching for the human souls, but they are also faced with the challenges of demon possession. As a result, the group tries to find a way to bring the demonic souls back to Assiah. During this time, they are being aided by an exorcist who has a mysterious gift to bring them back to the human world.

The plot of Blue Exorcist is based on the manga series “The Blue Exorcist.” The anime is set in a two-dimensional world called Gehenna, which is ruled by Satan. In the series, the protagonist Rin Okumura, a troublesome teenager, discovers that he and his twin brother Yukio are the sons of the devil, and that he must overcome his demonic nature. As a result, Rin begins training as an exorcist, and eventually becomes a master of the art.

The first season of the anime follows the life of Rin Okumura, a troubled teenager. His twin brother, Yukio, is the real father of the devil. After death of Yukio, Rin discovers that he and his twin are the sons of Satan. Rin vows to avenge his parents and defeat the demonic force, and he begins his studies to become an exorcist.

Characters of Blue Exorcist Season 1

The characters of Blue Exorcist are varied and interesting.


¬†The protagonist, Rin, is not only a brilliant student, but also a prodigy in exorcism. In the previous season, Rin’s temple was burned down during the Blue Night, and he vowed to avenge his father.He is a devoted son of Tatsuma Suguro, and he has a competitive streak with a fellow classmate, Rin Okumura. In addition to being a top student in the academy, he has an obnoxious personality and a deep hatred for Satan.


Mephisto, an evil spirit who hates demons, recruits Rin and Yukio. Although he is a demon, he is a good human being and a good role model for both Rin and Yukio. However, he is also a vicious and cunning demon who tries to kill Yukio. After Yuri’s death, Mephisto defeats him and becomes the new Esquire.

Exorcist Season 1 characters


Reiji is a typical bully who feels powerful when he bullies Rin. Despite being a gifted tamer, Reiji has a prickly nature and a slim build. He has no problem destroying people and their possessions, which lead to his initiation into the school. In the end, the twins defeat the demon and save the world. When the demon is destroyed, Rin is the one who suffers from the consequences of his sins.

Yuri Egin

Yuri Egin is the mother of Rin and the twin of Shiro Okumura. She take the Order of the True Cross Asylum and trained as an exorcist, becoming a Lower Second Class exorcist at thirteen. She preferred to work in the Demon Farm, but had eyes only for Shiro. Unfortunately, she was rejected by Shiro, softening her heart.

Rin Okumura

Rin Okumura is an exorcist, but she is a very emotional character. Her twin brother, Yukio, helps her. She is the only one who knows the true nature of Satan. She has the ability to control Rin’s demonic powers. While most of us didn’t know her power existed, she later learned it’s a secret that she shares with her father.


The other female characters are Shura. While Shura is the only strong female character, the anime does not show her sexuality. The other characters are not as sympathetic as the males. For example, Shura has a flat stomach. She was raised by Shiro like her son and wears a barely-there bra. She was not the only one who cares about her appearance.

Blue Exorcist Season 1 Review

The Blue Exorcist anime series has a reputation for being a bit too violent, which may be why some people find it too intense. The first season, however, is pretty entertaining and features some solid character development. But if you’re looking for a more complex narrative and strong emotional moments, you should look for something else. In this review, I’ll take a look at the most recent season of the series.

Exorcist Season 1 reviews

The anime series Blue Exorcist is a saga that blends fantasy and religion. While it might be difficult to watch an anime series that combines two different genres, this one is surprisingly well-made. It follows a tearaway teen who discovers he’s the son of the devil. When he discovers this, he vows to become the most powerful exorcist in the world and destroy his foster father with his infernal powers. While there are a few glaring flaws, overall, it’s a well-balanced show.

The opening episode of Season 1 is a high point of the series. The first two episodes are worth watching. The final episode of Season 1 sets the tone for season two, but there’s a noticeable difference between the two. The original manga only had nine episodes, and the anime only had nine. By the time season two ended, the show merged made-up storylines and the original manga.

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